“Rock Financial helped us open up on our own back in the fall of 2004.  They have been a trusted partner of ours ever since.  We will always remember that Rock was there for us when we needed assistance.  We have grown and progressed over the years, and so has our relationship with Rock.  As a loyal Buyer’s Group member we have earned over $100,000 in additional marketing fee dollars!  This is above and beyond our manufacturer rebates. We know that this is money that we would not have captured had we not been a part of the Rock.”

Reggie Weston and Bobby Lanier – Home Connections (Beulaville, NC)

"I would like to give my endorsement of Rock Financial. Jeff Gibson has become a very good friend. He truly cares about my business. I can honestly say that with out them, I wouldn’t be in business. I have worked with Rock for many years and the relationship has improved year after year. I certainly recommend working with them! Any questions, please feel free to call."

 Dave Fautley - HomeMax (Lexington, SC) 803-808-1111

"Someone always has a story to tell, and most times it's not very complementary when it comes to big business.  Well this one is positive, and it's true.

Back in 2008 the Manufactured Housing Industry ran into some really hard times.  Retail dealers were losing wholesale financing for their stock and retail sold homes.  Most of the local banks wouldn't pick up these types of loans because they felt that they were too risky in the current economy. This caused a lot of small business to close their doors. Then along came Rock Financial.  Just like the Marines with a few good men, Rock Financial reached out to these dealers with options, and help. Rock took the first step by contacting these dealerships and setting up appointments.  They got to know the people who owned the dealerships and helped them set up a wholesale financing program that worked for the dealer.

One of the most important things Rock Financial did was listen to the people they were trying to help.  In the case of Modern Home Center in Pittsburg, Kansas it was a fishing trip with Johnnie Harrison and his son.  Johnnie and his son came to Pittsburg, Kansas and Dan took them fishing on some of the lakes around Pittsburg.  Even though no one caught any fish and the only drink was water, we took the time to really learn who and what the other person was about.  Like the old days of a hand shake and a persons word being his bond, a partnership was formed, for today and the future, thanks to Rock Financial.

Modern Home Center is still open for business today because Rock Financial took the time to pick up the phone and make a friend in this crazy business we all call Manufactured Housing."

Dan Wooten and Vickie Gibbins, Modern Home Center - Pittsburg, Kansas

"We are all aware of the business climate we are in. I'm sure you would agree it's tough to be in business and be profitable. After 28 years in the Manufactured Housing Industry, I decided to re-enter in 2009 after being away for three years. Even with my experience, credit rating, and a little hard earned cash, I was shocked to find out how hard it was to get new floor plan on home units.

Not only did Johnnie Harrison, with Rock Financial, get me set up as a member of their group, he has become a true friend. We discuss matters related to our business as well as personal and family matters. It has been refreshing to deal with moral, ethical, Christian people like Johnny who truly care about your success."

 Mike O'Brien - President, Owner, BRC Homecenter (Alexandria, Alabama)